skate canada 2014

featured: the score monitor

tessa and scott attended skate canada 2014, but not as competitors. they went in the capacity of commentators and fans. below, you'll see clips of their commentaries and interviews as well as photos.

it was fun to see tessa and scott back at skate canada. you can tell that they loved the opportunity and made the most of it, but after brian williams called them retired, they clarified the issue. they've decided to take the year off of competing. after 17 years, it was a good chance for them to step back, re-evaluate and try new things.

in these clips, tessa and scott share interesting memories. in the "inner sanctum" clip, tessa recalls what it's like to get stared down and have everyone talk about you, but in another language. scott shared how tense it became in the locker room as the week went on. they also spoke about the importance of the crowd when they're having a good skate or a bad one, in "importance of the audience". the relationship between fan and performer is about reciporcity. if you're not having a good skate, they bring you back on your feet and keep you going. if you are having a good skate and there's a minute left, and you're exhausted, you need that boost to the end. if it's amazing, you feel the build up to the end. they even brought us into their pre skate rituals. they're either revving up or calming down. they're also adjusting to the bright tv lights and connecting with each other.


waiting to start
a skater's inner sanctum
flower retrievers
kiss and cry
importance of the audience


discussing dance with brian williams
second interview with brian williams
waiting to start
a skater's inner sanctum
flower retrievers
the score monitor


group shot
with fans
scott with a fan
tessa and scott with another commentator
tessa and scott with a fan
tessa and scott with flower retrievers
tessa and scott with flower retrievers
scott and tessa with crew


tessa and scott enjoy skate canada in new roles (skate canada)
tessa and scott join ctv and tsn's live coverage of skate canada (tsn)
tessa and scott had thought they'd like to retire (canadian press)


thanks to ice princess for finding these photos