tedx youth talk

Spotlight: Official video

tessa and scott were in toronto give a talk to local youth. they spoke about the starting years, the sacrifice and the lessons learned. if they were going to sacrifice friends and family, then they had to make it count, right? they then took us through vancouver, the overtraining injury and then sochi. they still insist that they were happy, even though they won silver. it was simple and would be inspiring for youth. "someone is going to do it, someone is going to win the olympics. why not you?"


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Entire talk
Part 1 (2nd copy)
Part 2 (2nd copy)
Part 3 (2nd copy)
Official video


tessa and scott on stage
tessa and scott on stage
fan with scott
fan with tessa
tessa before the event
tessa with tedx sign
another stage photo
scott and tessa with group
scott with girl
scott with girl 2
scott with group
tessa with girl
tessa with group
tessa and scott with someone else
tessa with tedx t