Bradley and Walker Radio Show

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Host: Olympic gold medalist and Canadian hero, Tessa Virtue! Tessa, thanks for coming on the show so early. ... Where are we talking to you today?

Tessa: I'm actually in L.A. I'm here for a costume fitting

Host: We have a costume fitting today also. ... We saw you posted today on Twitter about the anniversary of the gold medal in Vancouver, which really -- the farther we get away from it, the more we'll remember what a great moment that was. You said that in your career, that was far and away the number one moment. Do you think differently now than you did one year ago?

Tessa: You know, it's so interesting. I posted that [photo] in a selfish way to reflect on the past year and I could not believe the outpouring of support. It was incredibly touching to receive all of these comments from fans on Sochi. ... Is it it normal to feel that disconnected? It's like someone else accomplished those things. The photos and videos don't feel like it was me. That's only a year out. I can't imagine 20 years from now how I'll be feeling but it's just incredible. I can't believe the past year has just flown by. ... The team was close. There were a lot of text messages flowing back and forth between the athletes. It was just a unique feeling and we were so grateful to have had those experiences ...