an entire season without them

it's been a while since we saw them on championship ice, and by them i mean tessa and scott. i remember when they took their final bows, then skated off the ice to receive their career best scores which would place them second at the olympics. i remember because tears would fill my eyes and i'd get emotional. it felt like the end.

but then the new season started and i had to make a few choices. do i continue to follow figure skating at all or do i move on? and if i do continue, do i follow each event or do i tune in for worlds? basically, do i get invested in the season at all? and do i get invested in any other skater?

i don't know if other fans had this dilemma. i ended up following the entire season so i saw the ascent of weaver and poje. i felt appreciation for a few dances, but there wasn't a team that really captured my imagination. that said, this was great. i found myself watching the entire ice dance flight, instead of just tuning in for tessa and scott. i found myself being able to relax, even when the competition heated up, because i wasn't invested in any particular outcome. but more importantly, i was able to enjoy many dance teams. this actually reminded me of when i travelled to london, ontario, to watch the 2010 nationals. i remember enjoying every dance team that i saw.

but as i watched, i found myself analyzing how the landscape was changing and how that affected a tessa and scott comeback. at skate canada, they pretty much unretired themselves and said that they might come back. so ... the fact that weaver and poje won bronze at worlds means that there is still room for tessa and scott to come back. they haven't actually equalled tessa and scott's best results. but the fact that they won the grand prix final and their season was almost undefeated means that they're very competitive. plus, the fact that gabriella and guillaume won worlds means that tessa and scott probably are not going to train in montreal with marie france simply because that's where gabriella and guillaume train and it gets really complicated when two world number 1s train under the same coach and go after the same gold.

did i miss tessa and scott? yes, but it was most acute at the beginning of the season when everyone's paso let me down. i immediately wondered what kind of a paso tessa and scott could have created. i started to miss a program i never saw -- weird but understandable. i thought back to their paso compulsory dance, to their flamenco original dance and to carmen in order to believe that it would have been spectacular.

by the end of the season, both tessa and scott were firmly on social media so their tweets were all over my feed. they had skated in shows such as skate niagara and art on ice. they were still showing up at nationals as commentators. we still got to hear tessa's laugh, see scott's sense of humour play out, and watch them soak in their new life.

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