2016 Autumn Classic International

featured: interview after free dance (youtube)

practice/warm up videos

short dance practice (youtube)
short dance warm up (youtube)
short dance practice v2 (twitter)
free dance practice 2 (youtube)
free dance practice 4 (youtube)
free dance practice 5 (youtube)
free dance practice 6 (youtube)
free dance practice 7 (youtube)
free dance practice 8 (youtube)

interview videos

interview after short dance (youtube)
interview after free dance (youtube)

competitive videos

short dance (dailymotion)
short dance (youtube)
short dance (youtube, copy 2)
short dance (group 1) (dailymotion - starts 21:50)
free dance (dailymotion)
free dance (dailymotion, copy 2)
free dance (dailymotion, copy 3)
free dance (vimeo)
free dance (youtube - no sound)
free dance (youtube - fan angle - no sound)
free dance (group 2) (dailymotion - starts at 24:20)

medal ceremony



Ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir return to competition with Montreal event (Montreal Gazette)
Virtue and Moir thrilled to be back (Canadian Press)
Virtue and Moir thrilled to be back (video - Canadian Press)
Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir golden in return to competition (CBC)
Back and better than ever? Virtue, Moir impress (icenetwork)
virtue and moir skate one step at a time (Londoner)


This and That: 2016 Japan Open & Autumn Classic (starts at 55:00 with a chat about the short dance then Tessa and Scott ... and they are also mentioned at the end, for the favourite moment segment)


opening pose
opening pose copy 2
by the boards
middle of short dance
middle of free dance
short dance
here's looking at you
mid free dance
mid short dance
free dance spin
mid-stroke in free dance
opening move in free dance
a lift
another photo of a spin
kiss and cry


short dance
free dance


between Prince and Sam Smith, these videos will have a hard time keeping the audio because the estates of either performers will try to have them taken down. So watch them while you can. I believe that when the videos are hosted on official sites (e.g. CBC) that they'll stay up, but then international viewers might not be able to see ithem

thanks to shayii for helping me find photos.
thanks to *ice princess* for helping me find the medal ceremony video

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