2016 skate canada - free dance

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Free dance

Free dance (dailymotion)
Free dance copy 1 (vimeo)
Free dance copy 2 (dailymotion)
Free dance copy 3 (dailymoition)
Free dance copy 4 (vimeo)
Free dance - British Eurosport commentary (Dailymotion)


Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir / Backstage FD/ Skate Canada Int. 2016 (youtube)
Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir // Fluff + Warm up/ TSN. Skate Canada Int. 2016 (youtube)
Fluff (youtube)
Warm up and fluff (youtube)


SCI 16 Morning Practice Tessa and Scott (Day 3) (youtube)
Saturday practice (vimeo)
Thursday practice free dance run through (vimeo)

Medal Ceremony

video (youtube)
video (vimeo)
fan cam (youtube)


ISU site for Skate Canada


Virtue, Moir win gold; Chock, Bates win night (Icenetwork)
Virtue and Moir “thrilled to be among the mix” (Golden Skate)
Olympics champs Virtue, Moir on top at Skate Canada (CBC)
Virtue and Moir know they're making comeback during competitive times (Toronto Sun)
This and That: 2016 Skate Canada with Kimmie Meissner (TSL at 33:02 mins)


Virtue Moir Skate Canada 2016 FD Interview 1 (youtube)
Virtue Moir Skate Canada 2016 FD Interview 2 (youtube)


youtube is blocking the audio of the free dance so i'm not going to link it

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