2016 grand prix final - free dance

featured: free dance copy 9 (youtube, russian commentary)

free dance (youtube, universal commentary)
free dance copy 1 (russain commentary, youtube)
free dance copy 2 (full flight. t/s start at 47:22, youtube)
free dance copy 3 (youtube, cbc but no cbc commentary)
free dance copy 4 (dailymotion, british eurosport commentary)
free dance copy 5 (dailymotion, japanese commentary)
free dance copy 6 (vimeo, commentary free)
free dance copy 7 (vimeo, italian commentary)
free dance copy 8 (vimeo, russian commentary)
free dance copy 9 (youtube, russian commentary)


interview after free dance (youtube)
interview after free dance copy 1 (youtube)
victory ceremony (youtube)
victory ceremony fan version (youtube)
pj kwong's interview (youtube)
free dance press conference (youtube)


saturday morning training part 1
saturday morning training part 2
before warm up
warm up


isu site


Olympic sports roundup: Long wait is over for Virtue & Moir (cbc)
Virtue & Moir finally snag elusive Grand Prix Final title (cbc)
Virtue, Moir set new world record en route to gold (icenetwork)
Virtue and Moir set a new world record in Marseille (goldenskate)
justin's take on the grand prix (45:25)
blade boys review of grand prix and predicting gpf (right around the start)
Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are way ahead of schedule in their quest to reclaim Olympic glory (London Free Press)


all youtube videos of the free dance did something to sam smith's vocals ... in order for the video to stay up. 

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