2017 worlds - short dance

featured: short dance (copy 2 - no commentary)

short dance

short dance - youtube
short dance (copy 1) - youtube
short dance (copy 2 - no commentary) - youtube
short dance (copy 3) - vimeo
short dance (copy 4) - vimeo
short dance (copy 5 - no commentary) - dailymotion
short dance (copy 6) - dailymotion
short dance (copy 7) - youtube
short dance (copy 8 - nbc commentary) - youtube


with charlie white (youtube)
with charlie white (vimeo)
leonard cohen-inspired (youtube)
cbc post-sd


short dance practise
longer video (1:47:00)

warm up

warm up
warm up off ice


isu write up
dancing way to another gold (the toronto star ... roise. be warned)
twenty year partnership (cbc)
twenty years (canadian press video)
they reach new heights (cbc)
record short (goldenskate)
poised for gold (canadian press)
article on coaching environment (reuters)
team to beat (new jersey herald)
we want to be a new team (absolute skating)



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