2017 nhk

featured: short dance (commentary free)

short dance

short dance (british eurosport)
short dance (rai)
short dance (commentary free)

free dance

free dance (commentary free)
free dance (telesport)
free dance (commentary free)


short dance scores
free dance scores

medal ceremony (may be geoblocked)

medal ceremony


gala skate (youtube, copy 1)
gala skate (youtube, copy 2)
gala skate (vimeo)


free dance interview
short dance interview
post free dance interview


i'm not feeling well and i don't feel up to putting together the regular blog posts. plus, hersh's article just put a huge damper on this competition.

also, practises weren't really open to the public so i don't think there are any practise videos.


leahmaria said...

Sorry to hear that you’re feeling under the weather, iggie, and hope you feel better soon. I’m not going to look at anything more online until everything is over tomorrow. Am just going to concentrate on how excellent VM really are and send them good vibes!

iggie said...

thanks. i updated the blog with the grand prix final posts so enjoy!