2018 nationals - free dance

featured: free dance (youtube, ctv with interview)

free dance

free dance (youtube, ctv with interview)
free dance (youtube, ctv)
free dance (youtube, ctv, copy 1)
free dance (vimeo, ctv)


Virtue, Moir capture 8th Canadian ice dance title with immaculate performance (canadian press)
Virtue and Moir heating up for the Olympics (the toronto star)
gabby announces olympic ambitions with canadian record performance (national post)

articles leading up to nationals

Virtue, Moir hope revamped programs will lift them to Olympic gold (cbc)
Figure skating icons look to go out on top, build Olympic momentum at their final nationals (cbc)
tessa and scott reborn after the grand prix final (bev smith)

warm up

free dance warm up


thursday practice
thursday practice (copy 1)
thursday practice (fan cam)
thursday practice (fan cam, another version)
thursday practice (vimeo)

interviews / fluff

retrospective (youtube)
press and retrospective (youtube)
retrospective (tsn)
interview before free dance (youtube)
a make or break: music (fluff with ice dancers and ladies)
passing the torch (youtube)
post free dance interview (youtube)
preview dance and women's programs and behind the scenes (youtube)


choreographic lift
choreographic lift 2
post marks, waving to the crowd
skating off ice
hug at end
final lift
medals 2
reaction: winning with perfect marks
reaction: winning with perfect marks (danielle earl)

short videos

highlights - tango de roxanne and others
another look at the finale
fan cam of tango de roxanne
fan cam of opening sequence

announcing the olympic team

interview after announcement
Skate Canada interview

medal ceremony

medal ceremony for dance
medal ceremony for dance (copy 1)
medal ceremony for dance (copy 2)


skate canada's score sheet

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