2018 olympics - videos

featured: team - free dance (fancam 2)

individual short dance

short dance (fan cam)
short dance (cbc)
short dance (rai)

individual free dance

free dance (fan cam 1)
free dance (fan cam 2)
free dance (fan cam 3)
free dance (fan cam 4)
free dance (cbc)
free dance (fan cam 5)
free dance (olympic channel)
free dance (bbc)

team short dance

highligts from team shorts (cbc)
team short dance (cbc)

team free dance

free dance (cbc)
free dance (fan cam)
free dance (fan cam 2)


gala skate (cbc)
gala skate (cbc on youtube)
gala (fan cam)
gala (rai)
gala - group skate (eurosport)


free dance
short dance practice 1 (amazing quality ... like you're there)
short dance practice 2 (amazing quality)


brian williams interveiw (cbc with them watching montage)
nbc and cbc interviews post short dance (nbc and cbc)
tessa in press conference
today's show interview
facebook live chats
Heather Hiscox interview outdoors (cbc)
team event interview post competition (bbc)
tessa and scott to be remembered as canada's faces of the olympics (global)
paul martini interview post team
Heather Hiscox interview post team event (cbc)
yahoo interview
the national on their victory (the national)
bbc interview post individual gold (bbc)
bbc review of career and skate (bbc)
touched by international fan support (canadian press)
they are not in love but the world wants them to be (toronto star)
tessa - pushing limits
scott - pushing limits
commended in parliament
return - citytv news
return - your morning
return - cp24
return - ET
return - ctv news, another clip
return - the social


return - q and a (your morning)
return - answer more questions (from young skaters) (cp24)
return - q and a (much music)


nobody knows how to party like figure skaters (this hour has 22 minutes)
there were other skaters besides tessa and scott? (22 minutes)


venue ceremony (individual)
medal ceremony (team)
venue ceremony (team, cbc)
medal ceremony (individual, cbc)
venue ceremony (team)
venue ceremony (team, another angle)


marketing of athletes (cbc)
suzanne woods interview (their original coach)
et news feature (et)
time magazine feature (time)
team event press (toronto star)
hugs post free dance
medallists after free dance
medallists with flags
team medallists with flags

return to canada

interview - part 1
interview - part 2
interview - part 3
citytv news
ctv news


isu scores
skating scores - individual
skating scores - team


- some video is probably geoblocked outside of canada.

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